The 6 Most Underrated Bourbon Whiskeys of 2022

Whiskeys or Whiskies, Bourbons or Ryes, Scotches or Tennessees!

There are hundreds and thousands of Whiskies in the market at any given time and you can’t just have them all! Absolutely not!

So, what makes you buy one particular brand? Marketing? Word of Mouth? Personal Experience? It can be any of these.

But, do you really know there are hundreds of really good Whiskeys that go under the rock without us noticing them?

This article is to bring them to the fore! Try them if you have a chance to get hold of them, of course!

We will focus on 7 best Bourbon Whiskeys that you need to try today!

Chestnut Bourbon Whiskey:

Coming from Clear Spring Distilling Company, this Bourbon has all the characteristics of a perfect Bourbon, yet keeps things simple and solid. 

Caramel flavors run through all the tasting notes, right from Nose to Finish and have other notes like Corn, Toffee, vanilla, Dry fruits and nuts. 

Still it manages to bring a balanced, medium finish. Check Chestnut Farms Bourbon review here. 

At just $50, this can be your perfect underdog.

Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength:

A blend of three different barrels, and with a Mash bill of 74% corn, 16% wheat, 7% Rye and 3% Malted barley, this bourbon is a perfect example of how blends should be made.

Rich in taste and flavor and fruity notes, this bourbon is perfect for on the rocks as well as Cocktails. 

At $65 and with around 57% ABV, this is a great value buy.


Classified as Straight Bourbon which means it is at least aged for two or more years, Larceny Bourbon comes with 92 Proof and at a price tag of around $30.

Perfectly fruity with notes of Orange, peach and apricot, this bourbon has a cinnamon palate, along with honey and spicy notes. Cinnamon and honey are the ones that go through to the finish and the finish itself is medium and undertone.

Basil Hayden Toast:

Contrary to other Rye-heavy Bourbons from Beam, this TOAST from Basil Hayden is 63% Corn and 27% Brown Rice instead of Rye.

This brown rice adds a new expression like a burnt marshmallow and dry pine in addition to Cinnamon notes and brown sugar sweetness.

Toast has a price tag of $55 and an ABV of 40%

Elijah Craig Beer Barrel Finish:

Elijah Craig is known to produce some good liquors, alright! But how is this limited edition Beer Barrel Finish and what is so special about this?

Two things – (1) this is a very limited edition with an attractive small batch bottle (2) this is actually aged in a Beer Barrel.

That is why, the flavors are mostly beer-like including the eggnog spices, and stouty. If you can find one, get your hands soon!

Evan Williams Single Barrel:

At just $32 and a relatively low ABV of just 15%, Evan Williams is still a great bourbon with honey, Oak and Vanilla flavors enticing your drink.

A five times winner of “Whiskey of the year”, this Bourbon is best for a neat or on the rocks style of drink.